Sunday, March 13, 2005

Marriage Blues!

Since some time my family is really bothering me with its intention of getting me married! They don’t say this overtly but there are explicit undercurrents. In fact, even my brother told me jokingly about the plans-in-process! I guess, they think that my disinterest in marriage is as much as everyone else has at some point of time! Well, to that I would say, they still consider things same as they used to be; but for me things have changed! I mean, talking about girls, earlier it was considered that girls should be married off as soon as possible. But now priorities have changed. And the most frustrating issue is you have a tough time explaining this to the women community itself! I know, to some extent women are responsible for their own plight, but anyways, my issue is to enjoy my job and not to spend rest of my life, starting from here, to carry on responsibilities and fulfill expectations. Take a Break!


  1. i thought i posted a comment on the ideal morning wala not there now.

    Shaadi!! :)) Things are different at my end. I keep teasing my pa-ma to get me married but she keeps tellin gme that no girl would marry me unless i can maange all the comforts for her :) Now that i have a job, she would have to find another excuse :)

  2. You are definitely the first guy who wants to get married, otherwise most of them want to evade marriage as far as possible. To be precise, listen to 'Ye Gore Gore Se Chhore.......' from HUM TUM.

  3. if movie songs are something to go by..then there is "mummy o mummy, kabhi meri shaadi hogi, thoo kab saas banegi" and "mujhse shaadi karogeee" and "dil wale dulhaniya le jaaenge" etc etc :))

    yep, a lot many guys dont want to get married very soon....and frankly speaking i dont either...but you are definitely wrong in your perception that most want to evade marriage. Atleast most in my vicinity just want to take hold of their career before they take the plunge. Nobdy is evading marraige otherwise!

  4. Well, as much as I have seen, yeah, there are some who want to wait till they get hold of their careers; but there are also some (and there are quite many) who just want to enjoy the bliss of bachelorhood before tying down to one girl!!!u know what I mean?