Thursday, March 24, 2005

Bachpan ki Baatein

When I think about the weirdest thing I have done as a kid, I instinctively start smiling. Because there have been quite a few! Now how this cropped up? Well, just now one of my friends said something, which made those old memories alive; and since I was just thinking about what to write about--I got my answer, bang on time!

I remember it was afternoon, and I had to go to my friend's house. So I had to iron my clothes. My mum was sleeping, and somehow I had to put on the press there.So I thought if I would switch on the light, my mum would wake up, and she would give me a lamba chauda lecture on not go out in the afternoon, its too hot, go later, study, blah...blah....blah!Guess what I did? I thought I would just finger the holes to find out where the socket is, and then put in the the plug. Yeah you got it right! I actually tried to find out the holes of that socket by fingering inside the hole. And as expected (or unexpected, at that time), I got shock of my life!!!Thank god, I did not get stuck there!

There's this another story of my school days. You would not believe how silly one could get! I used to forget my bag at home, and walk to school. I would feel that something is missing but would not be able to locate, what!!! Then some friend, who would meet along the road, would ask where's the bag? Then it would struck me as a lightening, and I would be embarrased like hell. But managed to make some story!

There's this story, which my brother used and over-used to fool me, whenever he wanted any favours.For example, he wants to eat my share of chocolate or cake or anything else; he would tell me that I know a cat,and she has a family and they have all gadgets in her home which are very high-tech. She has everything, and when he goes there, he gets whatever he wants. So if I give him my stuff to him rightaway, he would get me several later. Somehow I was convinced by him, not to mention this to anyone.And with this laalach I would give up my sweets, etc. Someone has rightly said that one bird in hand is better than two in bush; but I had not heard this then!!!


  1. lol!
    i had been thinking of doing such a post on my blog too! btw, could you please disclose what your age was at those point of times when these incidents occured...would be greater fun to read it then :))

  2. my sis had me convinced about the lyrics of this manoj kumar song as follows:

    "mere desh ki dharti sona UBALE, UBALE heere moti"

  3. My brother still makes the old times come alive by luring me with his BILLI KA GHAR ka promises,that too over phone, just so that he could feel that I am still little!!!
    BTW I must be 6-8 years when these things happened.

  4. miss tipsy, an early twenties friend recently convinced another coeval friend that "aap jaisa koi meri jindagi mein aaye tho baat ban jaaye" was actaully something else untill it was cahnged by censor board :))

    Oh, just 6-8 years!!
    So you were a very smart good atticted girl! ironing own clothes at such a young age!!

    My parents and elder bro and sis used crows and black attic to make me do things that the bad boy i was, wont do otherwise. However, all of them are so particular not to scare any of my nieces with anything.....over concious and over protective parents of today!!