Saturday, March 05, 2005

Partners in Crime!

I felt a little uncomfortable when I came to know how much deep I am into the cruelty done to animals. It is all pervasive, where do I go?
For example, look at Milk & Milk Products companies like Nestle. I gathered from my class in Science, Technology and Ecology, that it actually makes cows stand in rows, which looks like an assembly line. There are udders are attached to machines, which take out milk, and it is processed for later use! Technology at its best, I suppose! Besides, as we know that cow gives milk for her cattle; so these companies stretch the time when cows give milk to extremely long periods with the help of artificial methods, which include painful hormonal injections also. And top it all, the poor cattle hardly gets the milk. Commercialisation is thy name!
Second case, did you imagine or think about the state of poultry or other animals destined to be part of our meals? They are given hormonal injections at a very young age so as to make them grow fast. Their legs are tied so that they could not move, and thus they put on a lot of weight. Some birds like hens and cocks, sometimes become so obese that they are unable to carry their weight on their legs and results could be broken bones! Ll this to increase the quantity of meat as much as possible to get maximum profits out of the investment. Think about the pain of those animals and birds; and then think about your own fate when you eat such things!
Third case, following are some of the companies which use animals for painful testing:
Proctor & Gamble
British Petroleum
Christian Dior
Colgate Palmolive
Glaxo Smithkline
Johnson & Johnson
Nestle (L'Oreal, Helena Rubinstein, Lancome, Laboratoires Garnier)
Novartis (Ovaltine)
Reckitt Benkiser
SC Johnson
Unilever (Calvin Klein, Cheesboro' Ponds, Elida Gibbs, Helene Curtis)
And this, I can assure you, is not an exhaustive list of companies. You know how you use their products every single day of your life!
Now think about this—where do you go? Isn’t it stifling to be in here, amid such companies which get down to any standards to achieve their ends—MAXIMUM PROFIT—the objective of any business!

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