Saturday, March 12, 2005

A Peace of Mind

Have you ever wondered, how much we talk! Think about the dialogue that goes on and on inside your head! It never stops. You saw a handsome guy/beautiful girl (whichever applies) and your mind goes "WoW"!The moment your spotted at the wrong place, you go "Shit!". Besides, the obviously looooooong monologues about how you were justified in giving tit for tat to that girl who thinks, don't know what she thinks of herself!. Or you take a break from the fast pace of life and say "just chill out"!The point is we never stop. I remember when I saw "What Women Want", I realised what a blessing our inner voice is! You can go on bitching about anybody right infront of her, and just make an innocent face, nobody ever knows. You can fool your boss by saying hoe brilliant his ideas are, and go on mocking his foolishness. It is fun, isn't it?
eople say, life has become so busy or we pretend to be busy so that we do not think and thus do not come face to face with our conscience. We are afraid of ourselves, are we? I can speak for myself. I am definitely not afraid of myself because I am not a hypocrite. I do what I say and stick to my words. I do not double time anybody, so why should I have pangs of guilt! In fact, the time when I go for walk and have my inner voice as my companion, is the best part of my day. I think the most important thing in life is loving oneself or should I call it ACCEPTANCE!Another thing which is very important, which I have come to realise is defining one's priorities. For example, if everyone is running after good jobs (read big pay packages), should I also make head way there? It depends, on what I want in life.I have come to accept that those like us who are not confident of our abilities want to cling to safe jobs and salaries, as soon as possible. But those who are passionate about certain things, do not behave in this way. They do not need anchors, for they are anchors themselves! They do not hunt for secured lives, they hunt for fulfilling lives.

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