Monday, February 21, 2005

Inner dialogue

Sonia Gandhi talked about it, I think about it. Inner Dialogue, that is!I guess, in our fast-paced life, inner dialogue is something which could be called a blessing, your own territory!
So you see what I am coming to!Isn't it a blessing that nobody could hear our inner dialogue otherwise life would have been too difficult. You would have to constantly check your thoughts. Talk about freedom of expression...atleast to oneself!
Well, coming back to my inner dialogue, while I was coming to this cyber cafe, I had this thing going on in my mind.Have you ever realised how repressed women are in our society??!!You would see hordes of men drooling over girls or eyeing pretty women, but how many women have you seen doing that on street?Perhaps in our patriarchical society, we are brought up that way! I seriously think there is something wrong somewhere. I do not fight for rights for dressing up (or down?)in whatever way we like, but yeah, I would love to be left alone from constant and irritating male gazes. Thankyou, I could do without them! Perhaps men have not realised yet or nobody has told them yet, but women do not like it at all to be constantly looked upon as 'things'. That is some of my piece of mind.
So I was also telling about movies which I have seen lately. I saw 50 FIRST DATES 2 days back. It was a really cute movie, and I really loovvvvve Drew Barrymore, she is sooooo cute!I wonder if there is really any such disease, and if there is. I would be sad much much more for 10-second Tom. For a romantic movie, it was OK to have such a wife, but imagine how life would be with someone who really forgot everything about you everyday, and everyday you would have to start with a whole lot of explaining. Would you like to do that everyday of your life? I am not sure!
It also happens to be my mum's birthday so

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