Sunday, February 27, 2005

the Film festival ends, and.....

After 'ChinaTown', the next day I went to see 'Citizen Kane'. Initially I felt out of place watching it but later I got what was it all about!The day after, I went for 'Rear Window' and it was good! Somewhere in the middle I thought that the actor is just sufferring from some psychological problem because he has been confined to a place for long! Thus he was reading too much into a non-issue, but then things happened.Grace Kelly was really graceful and this was my first Grace Kelly flick!You can also read its review here.
Today it is 26th February and it is Convocation-eve for the batch of 2004. Most of my seniors are already here. Today there was a play by OORJA, the theatre group of IMDR, followed by Mushaiyara, which is still going on. Then we have a party because they cannot stay till late on Sunday! Anyways, I met my mentor after a really long time. And it is good to see him again.
That's all for now.Got some work.


  1. Cool! Convocation-vonvocation!! Do you get to wear the gowns and caps?

    Lucky, u got a mentor!! I wish i had one too; actually i am even working on a project to kich-start a alumni-student mentorship program in my college, lets see if it works out, atleast my juniors will have nothign to crib about....but why is it that you visited your mentor after a long time??

  2. Well, the tradition in our college is that a newcomer is assigned a senior as 'Mentor' to take care of any problems or apprehensions, he/she might have about anything. And since my mentor was placed with Reliance, Mumbai, thus we could not meet!
    Take care, Reema