Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Reading Update for 2013 [UBC Post 19]

I took up a Challenge of reading 48 books this year in GoodReads Reading Challenge. I love this little widget which tracks my progress and tells me if I am on track or I need to hurry up. 

I have always been into reading but in the humdrum of life, we lose focus, get disoriented. Yes, reading is serious business for me. I don't just like reading books, I also love reading about books or buying them. Book collecting is a different hobby altogether.

I have been taking this Challenge since 2011 but I never did justice to it. Last 2 years were also quite challenging as my son was born and I got sucked into taking care of a newborn. It is overwhelming. But beginning of this year, I decided that this year I am going to be focused on my reading. I will not compromise on the quality of books though. Since I am not back into working professionally, I manage some time for reading. I know this year could be the year when I have maximum time for reading, which by any means does not mean I have a lot of time. But I use most of the free time I get in reading, no matter how little.

I have done well so far. I have read some interesting books and have quite a lot waiting to be read and reviewed. I also feel privileged that quite a lot of publishers send me books to review on my Book Blog. What more can I ask for really! In fact, I have to excuse myself from several requests depending on the genre / subject of the books or time I have. 

I have already crossed last year's 21 books. While I write this, I have read 24 books this year, while I am on 25th. 

Here are the books which I have read so far this year:

You can check out more about these books Here.

Here are the statistics:


If I had to pick my favorites out of these; here they are:

Though I have read more of Fiction, I am perhaps more fascinated by Non Fiction and the variety it offers - from memoir to anthology, from gender studies to films, from parenting to true crime. Another thing is a Non Fiction takes far more time to read than a Fiction. I can read a 400 pages thriller in 2 days but a book on Films with 400 pages will be completed in probably a week or even more. However, I want to explore more variety in reading this year. 


  1. Anonymous11:07 AM

    From your list, I have read I have got your number and Room is in to read list from long..
    I did Goodread challenge last year but couldn't complete it..This year I also took challenge to read 30 books but my reading has taken backseat..I m not reading regularly..too short of time always :-)

    1. Read Room and The Sense of an Ending. Highly recommended.
      I had done badly in last 2 years. This year I am very focused. I am pursuing the numbers diligently.
      I spend all my free time in reading and writing.

    2. Anonymous3:10 PM

      thats really good..I wish I could do same :-)
      Probably I will be able to read more next year when lil one will be old enough to play safely.Right now whenever I m home, I have to keep eye on him otherwise he will fall here or there.he is crawling all the time these days !!

    3. Ya I know. Tough time. You gotta keep an eye all the time.

  2. Hi Reema,

    But, how does GoodReads keep track of the books read in this challenge? Do you have to post your reviews there?

    1. Hi, hope you got my message in GoodReads. I love this little widget. It helps me track my reading and makes me feel good about it :-)

  3. I hv read 20 books of my target of 50 :(. Definetely lagging behind...

    1. Last 2 years I have done badly. This year I am pretty focused. I will cover up.
      By the way, I posted the picture of my kitchen last month, only for you :-) since you had asked during May challenge. Check it out here:

  4. I am also wonly 2 books behind schedule!!!

    But good that u r being focussed this year. I always feel that we shud always pursue what we love :)

    1. You will do more than your target I am sure. I hope I can atleast cover up. I agree. If we love reading so much we must find time to do it.