Saturday, July 13, 2013

15 Things I Love About Myself [UBC Post 14]

I thought today I will indulge in some self-love because true happiness comes from being happy with yourself.

I love about myself ...
  1. That I can go to a person and say ‘sorry’ if I realize that I was wrong.
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  2. I am not addicted to TV or any online (computer / mobile) games, though I am addicted to books, but I don’t think that’s bad. 
  3. That I am cleanliness freak. Though I admit it becomes crazy sometimes for my husband. 
  4. That I am creative. Creativity is something you are born with and I think I am blessed that way. 
  5. That I am quite low maintenance. I don’t crave for expensive gifts, jewelry, exotic holidays et. al. Give me books and I am happy.
  6. That I can make an awesome cup of tea. 
  7. That I don’t lie. After all, I have to be a good example to my child.
  8. That I am a good listener. 
  9. That I enjoy my own company. I never get bored of myself. 
  10. That I am a perfectionist. I go the extra mile to deliver my best. 
  11. That I am plan-oriented (or a listmaniac). I am comfortable when I have a list in hand. 
  12. That I don't drink - hard or soft drinks. I only drink tea, and sometimes water ;-)
  13. That I am unconventional in a lot of things. I don't try to fit in if I feel passionate about certain thing. 
  14. That I am warm and compassionate. I think that's my Taurean trait. I can do anything for a friend. 
  15. That I love my life. I have dreams but I am not chasing bigger house or bigger car or better pay cheque. I am living for 'peace of mind' and 'happiness'.

There are many more things which I love about myself but I will resist going overboard. Some other day!
So what do you absolutely love about yourself?

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  1. Wow!! Awesome 15 that helped us know you better!! :)

    1. Thank you so much. Soon you would know more. Wait and watch. I have much catching up to do :-)

  2. 1. Yes
    2. Yes
    3. Yes
    4. Yes
    5. Yes
    6. No :( But I love tea! :D
    7. Yes
    8. Yes
    9. Yes
    10. Yes
    11. Lists are good; not that dependent on them yet though.
    12. Haahh! Me too, except when my sister and Billu are here! And water is heavenly!
    13. Yes
    14. Don't know
    15. Definitely looking for a better paycheque as of now :P

    1. 6. Come over, I make tea all the time.
      11. Lists just give me confidence that I am in control (I am a control freak that way)
      12. Which one - hard or soft?
      14. I am sure you are
      15. Amen!

  3. And one more - you are a very articulate writer, who can write on a variety of interesting topics :)

    1. Kaneenika, When it comes from someone else's mouth, it sounds like music. Thank you so much for reading. It really means so much to me :-)

  4. AFter reading this I realised we are alike on many points!!! But I am no cleanliness freak!! too much for me :D

    Would lvoe to meet u one day!

    1. I would love to meet you to. I told you na we will meet at CCD and exchange filmy gossip. And if we plan properly, we might some day in Mumbai. I go there many times.

  5. you are such a wonderful person ♥♥♥ thanks for sharing this.. it is nice knowing you :) .. I think I will do one such post on the last 3 days of the challenge.. :)

    P.S: both my parents are Taurean :D

    1. Come on, I have written only good things about myself. If my husband had got the chance, he could have added how unreasonable I am sometimes :-)
      Where is that post of yours? I would love to know more about you.
      So, you know how we Taureans are :-)

  6. Anonymous2:44 AM

    I love making lists too and have everything organized.