Sunday, July 14, 2013

10 Things I want to Change about Myself [UBC Post 15]

Here are 10 things which I would like to change about myself:

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  1. I need more patience. I am short in that department though motherhood is giving me some lessons but I can always do with some more.
  2. I crave perfection. Many times there isn’t enough time or resources to accomplish that, which really disappoints me. You can see that in my blogging too. Most of the times I keep thinking of that perfect topic to write about and therefore not write everyday. If I could only forget about perfection and complete the task at hand somehow, I wouldn’t be so behind in this Challenge.
  3. I am extremely unsocial. I don’t like parties, get-togethers and their brothers and sisters. I am also reluctant to meet new people. Many times I have to be threatened to meet new people (mostly by husband). I am most social online. My offline personality is not like that.
  4. I sleep very late every day, promising myself that I would sleep early the next day, which of course never happens. It is a vicious circle. You sleep late one day, then wake up late the next day, and then again sleep late and so on!
  5. I use most of my free time in cleaning and putting things in order. I could use that time more productively in reading and writing. In any case, when the little one wakes up all the work goes down the drain. No wonder my husband never gets it why I go around putting things in order all the time.
  6. I want to be more open to new things, new people, new experiences. My adventure quotient is zero.
  7. I need to cut down time on internet, may be use the limited time more productively and accomplishing more by focus. It is easy to drift off into a different tangent while surfing net.
  8. I am quick-tempered. I don’t need to explain why I want to change this. OK so I will just say, anger makes you say a lot of things which you don’t really mean, and then you regret.
  9. I am a control freak. If I had my way (and if I had time), I would do everything myself.
  10. I would like to call people who mean a lot to me, more often. My parents tell me I don't talk to them enough. My brother tells me I don't call him at all. My Best Friend complains I never call her back even when I tell her (when she calls) that I would. I would like to get in touch with friends who I always think about but never put enough efforts in talking to them. 
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Note: I hope it is obvious that I love many more things about myself than I want to change. 


  1. Boy!! it sounded like you almost mentioned my weak areas :( .. except for the social part..

    1. Ha ha my father calls me anti-social.

  2. Same pinch on 2, 3,5,6 and 7 :D
    We are soul sisters.... we have so many similarities! :D

  3. Anonymous5:25 PM

    I am exactly same like you on point 2 and that's why I am also behind in challengeI think too much about topic and then try to make it perfect.
    Opposite to you on point 4.I sleep early and get up early. And I always thought to sleep late and spend sometime on net when everybody else is sleep during weekend but I sleep everytime by 11:00 PM max :-)

    1. Good girl you are. Everyday I sleep between 1-2 am and get up around 7.30-8 am. The only time I get to read / blog / write articles is during afternoon one hour or at night after my son sleeps. So, I just get sucked into all that. I can't tell you how many books are pending to be reviewed! I don't have time to read the books I purchase!

  4. Well, I wouldn't consider 2 as something to change . The perfectionist streak in your blog benefits all of us. Not only are the posts well thought of, they are written in excellent, flawless English and the layout of the blog is also very pleasant to the eyes :) By the way, I just discovered your book review blog and am in for some more delightful reading.

    1. Kaneenika, thank you so much for your kind words. I am thrilled that you find my posts interesting. It motivates me to do better. But honestly, trying to do things perfectly can be a nuisance sometimes.
      I am glad you found my book blog. It is my passion to read and discuss with fellow booklovers.