Tuesday, July 09, 2013

The Updates from yesterday [UBC Post 9]

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We have started implementing the plans we made yesterday.

To begin with, today I managed 200 jumps (I don't know what else it is called) in rope skipping. I am at ease with skipping so I can easily reach 500 reps in a few days. I also need to incorporate half an hour of brisk walking or jogging soon.

Morning, when I was about to start my breakfast, one of my friends called up. She asked me what I was doing. I said I was about to savour my breakfast – poha and tea. She said, 'OK, then forget it'. I insisted, ‘no, tell me’. She said, ‘I was thinking if you would be interested in GM diet.’ She was basically looking for a partner to begin this difficult dieting program, for motivation. I am very clear, I will never do dieting. That’s just not me. We usually don’t eat much junk food. I don’t think food is that much an issue with me because I eat enough veggies and not more than 2 chapatis at one time. I realize that once I get regular with exercises like walking / jogging / skipping / yoga, I will nail it. I am not losing my sleep on it. Few kgs here and there is alright. What is a perfect body anyways? Are we ever happy with what we have? 

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We also played Scrabble today after putting the little one to sleep, like old days. But of course, then we used to play for hours, now we stick to a time. Whoever has the higher score by then, wins. The strange thing is that though I know more words, my husband always wins. The thing is he is able to think up a lot of big or multiple words. He even takes a lot of risks by framing weird words, which in his case mostly turn out to be actual words!


  1. That's a great beginning... both to stay fit physically and to spend quality time with hubby. Way to go...

    1. Both very, very important if not taken care of ha ha :-)

  2. lol!! at the last para!!

    And as far as losign weight is concerned, I am with you. DO what you are most comofortable with. I have resumed my controlled eating again...not proper dieting but am eating on time etc. I have to start going for a walk but I feel let the monsoon go away!

    1. I am planning to get back to walking for so long now! And then add to that rains...it is just not happening :-(