Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Long Story of the Last Weekend [UBC Post 18]

The other day I was planning to put a fullstop on all the unplanned shopping that I do. I am not a compulsive shopper but I do buy a few things on impulse. And with a toddler around, I cannot be behaving like a kid, can I? If I need to teach him value of money, I need to demonstrate that from my own actions. So, I had decided no more buying on impulse. And more importantly, I needed to stop buying more books. I get several for reviews already. I am not able to even do justice to them and yet I keep buying more.

Image courtesy: facebook.com
But when I went to the Mall recently, to shop for a few clothes for our little one who is going to be 2 the coming Sunday; I was welcomed with SALE on practically every store. I know, once you get inside the store the items which you end up buying will never be on SALE. Now I can’t really say my purchase was unplanned but the plan sprung up only the day I was leaving for the mall. I wanted an all-purpose smart jacket which will dress up a normal Jeans and T-shirt / shirt. Many
stores did not even have jackets because they were running ‘End of Season’ Sale on Summer clothes. After going through a couple of stores, I finally liked something at Allen Solly. I loved it. Though I would not say I can wear it all the time but it is extremely smart. Have a look.  I got it for flat 50% discount, so for around Rs 2400. Do you blame me?

Now, for the birthday shopping; all 3 of us wear same colour t-shirts every year (actually this is only the 2nd year) on our son’s birthday. Don’t ask me why! We just do. It looks special. And it was my idea! 

First we wanted to get sweatshirts considering the weather, which is going to get colder with passing months. But it is extremely tough to find the same colour ones, even black and white. Kids’ clothes are always full of big bright prints. We wanted plain t-shirts or sweatshirts. Anyhow, we finally settled for white Polo T-shirts, since it is supposedly the easiest. It wasn’t. Many stores did not have polo T-shirts for women. We went from one corner to another and from Ground Floor to the Third, only then we found t-shirts of correct sizes which were plain, and which weren’t astronomically priced. We have also got it printed. It has the number 2 and our names. I did not want to print a direct message. This looks lovely. Hope it looks good when we wear them together :-)

The actual price of the left one is Rs 250,
while the right one is for Rs 399
Now, now, I also found that there was ‘Upto 70% off’ at Landmark and I was in no condition to check out that sale though I wanted to. So, guess what, I told hubby on Sunday morning, I wanted to go to Landmark. If I had learnt driving, I would not be dragging the entire family on such trips. I would rather be alone while buying books. But we went there, and he left me off the hook, taking the naughty toddler with him. Bless him! I had a relaxed time at Landmark. Several books were on ‘3 for 2’ offer but it works only when you choose same price books and that too will give you only 33% discounts. It works for a few niche books. But there were also books for 99/-, 199/-. 299/-. I had picked up a Rs 299/- book only to find that it was originally for Rs 325/-, so it wasn’t even for 10% discount. I finally picked up 2 books at fabulous discounts. Check out the picture. 

I had read a chapter of 'A Very Strange Man' by Ismat Chugtai in The Greatest Show on Earth. It is supposed to be a fictionalised story of Guru Dutt. You can see the cover page. The second one, 'Salaam Bombay', was on my wishlist for long. I am delirious with joy. But I also saw a few books on the discount table which I have bought on low discounts. Did not feel very good about it. 


  1. Wow.. The jacket seems wonderful, I am in love with it :)

  2. Good picks!!! But tell me did u finally get the T-Shirts?? err the original wishlist item?? Or have u written about it and I missed reading it *refer Shilpa's post :D*

    1. ha ha thankyou. Yes found the T-shirts. Pictures coming shortly on FB.