Wednesday, June 12, 2013

June Photo A Day : Day 12: 11o'clock

This is the watch I gifted to my husband on his last birthday (this year). It is  called the Timex Expedition Analog-Digital Watch, and it can be worn both by men as well as women. 

Now a little history. My husband is not an easy person to buy gifts for. He appreciates and values my photo-gifts but when it comes to 'things', he is unabashed about his desire to exchange it (if need be). So, I have had experiences of shirts, mobile phones, TT bats exchanged. So, I was skeptical about this watch. I absolutely fell in love with it, and thought he would love it too but with him you never know! He is a gadget freak but he does not believe in obnoxiously priced ones. He wants his value. This watch was very reasonable.

I got this delivered to his office on his birthday and he absolutely loved it. Even I have worn it once while going out with a friend for a movie since it matched my outfit so well :)


  1. I love watches and my hubby hates them!!! :(

    1. My hubby is not really passionate about them like so may other men are, but appreciates a good one. All his watches are my gifts and vice-versa :-)
      This I can also flick once in a while since it is unisex ;-)

  2. I loved this one... looks so very smart and chic!