Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Are Our Children Growing Up Too Fast?

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I came across this article on the Hurried Child Syndrome in the Times of India recently. It talks about how children are growing up too fast or being expected to grow up fast

“It is a set of stress-linked behaviours, which result when a child is expected by his or her parents to perform well beyond his or her level of mental, social or emotional capabilities.”

On one hand we lament how children are growing up too soon and on the other hand we are burdening our tiny tots with a slew of activities in the name of opportunities. Why, even the age at which kids start school is getting pushed back with every passing year?

This subject also reminds me of this article. I am bugged no end with these so-called talent reality shows for kids. Why do parents send their kids, barely out of their diapers, to go through several humiliating and make-believe situations in the process of competing? Have you seen little children gyrating and gesticulating to inappropriate songs? It makes me cringe even sitting at home. Thank God, I don’t watch TV anymore and do not have to go through such ordeal. I also take offence at people who suggest me, even jokingly, that I should send my child to some talent show.

The other day, I also came across this article on how the ‘Indian Idol Junior’ judges want the kids (between 5 to 15 years of age) to have fun and not take it as a competition. With so much hullaballoo on making it or not making it to the subsequent rounds, even the oft-repeated words that ‘this is just the beginning for you and you will get many chances in life’ sound so lame.

The fact of the matter is that parents over-schedule their children’s lives, and expect advanced levels of maturity, wisdom and behaviour. Parents try to live their own dreams through their children or pass on their fears/insecurities. But, the truth is that when things are done at the right time as per the child’s age, the benefits are manifold. What’s the hurry?

What are your thoughts on the Hurried Child Syndrome? Do you also agree that it is eroding our kids’ childhood? 

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  1. As the parent of an eleven year old, I couldn't agree with you more.

    1. So, I think I should check about the pitfalls with you because I can learn from your experience. As a parent, you would agree, we are never too sure that what we are doing is actually the best for our child. As every other parent, I strive to be the best one too :-)

  2. I am so glad I am not doing any challenges these days or I'd have to skim through such thought-provoking posts without reading properly.

    I completely agree. It pains me to see cute, little kids gyrating to Chikni Chameli, Anarkali Disco chali and such. How can parents be so stupid!

    Parenting styles may be different yes, but the capacity of how much a child can take comes first. Sadly many don't realise this.