Sunday, June 02, 2013

June Photo A Day : Day 2: A Moment

These Photo Challenges have made me break my own rules, of not sharing personal pictures. I have tried to be inconspicuous though, as much as possible. 

When I read today's prompt, this picture came to my mind. This picture, which was taken few days after my son's birth, embodies a moment - one of the most beautiful moments of life, when it has not yet sunk in that a bundle of joy is really in your life, when you just want to look at him over and over again to let that feeling sink in well, when you just don't know what to do but smile at the miracle of life and feel blessed.

This is a precious moment of my life.


  1. A very precious moment I would say!!

    Sometimes a pic is more than thousand words and this one is one of them :)

    1. Ya, I feel the same way. This picture has captured a special moment very well.