Wednesday, June 26, 2013

June Photo A Day : Day 26: Empty

After almost 2 months of erratically posting photos in what was supposed to be daily challenges, I have got my senses back. What am I doing taking up photo challenges! I fancy myself as a writer. Let us put it this way, I love writing. I love taking pictures but they feature somewhere lower in things-I-am-passionate-about list.

Frankly, the intention was to get over the mind block of posting here. I hadn't posted here for ages and wanted to get this blog up and rolling, which I have achieved more-or-less. So, no more photo-related challenges from next month!

Anyways, for today's prompt, I post this picture from our trip to Mahabaleshwar on our Anniversary in 2010. Empty pool. Empty chairs. General emptiness of space.

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  1. so are u up for the writing challenge? hop onto mine or Shilpa's blog to know more