Sunday, June 30, 2013

June Photo A Day : Day 30: Handwriting

Handwriting, in old letters and cards. My Best Friend's. 

I haven't thought about her for a while but she had been an important person in my life. In fact, my life changed after I met her. I started loving myself after that.

She was my room-mate during Graduation. She was a Science student while I had opted for Commerce, but we clicked from day 1. Before her, I never knew what best friend really meant. I had close friends but till then I did not have the good fortune in my life where I could just be myself, without the fear of being judged. I guess, that happens when you move out from the guarded life at home. You tend to bond more on things once you are on your own. 

We shared so much about each others' lives. We would talk for hours, till the wee hours in the morning. She was funny, intelligent and yet very simple, almost vulnerable. But sharing things were like a therapy for us. She is the one who gave me tremendous amount of confidence in myself, the way she loved me unconditionally, justifying my actions even more convincingly than myself.

We reached out to each other through long letters after we left college. Now both of us are married and busy in our own lives. I haven't talked to her for a while, and even when we do, it sounds quite formal.

But she will always remain a very special person in my life, and I will cherish those times forever. I hope I will connect with her some day and catch up on whatever we left behind. I wrote about here long time back here and here.

To friendship!


  1. What a beautiful feeling, Reema. After this prompt, I've decided to take down my box of treasures tomorrow morning and enjoy old letters!


    1. I am glad it touched your heart :-) aren't these letters some kind of time machine? You read them and instantly get transported to old times and things you were going through at those times, and then you think about the current day, and I can't really explain, it is like you are watching some kind of film where you know what's going to happen!
      I am going to find my friend and talk to her about old times, share her joys and pains

  2. Cards and letters from old school friends... sighhhh! Gone are the days of snail mail and handwritten (or should I say "scribbled"?), completely insane memorabilia from our friends!

    1. I am sure you went through srapbook phase too in school ha ha!
      But the friend I am talking about here was a very special one. My life truly changed afte I found her. I am fortunate that I got a life partner who is really a best friend and I share everything with him. But she was the one who helped me take out all the bottled up feelings, thoughts and emotions. Life is a strange journey :-)

  3. :) U reminded me of the bond I share with my BFF. she changed me a ,ot, she made me love myself and gave me confidence :) Thankfully we are still in touch :)