Saturday, June 22, 2013

June Photo A Day : Day 22: Enjoying Life

Vacations are certainly the best form of enjoying life, when you can just let the world go by, when you can relax for a while without needing to go anywhere. Our trips are like that. We never plan the itinerary. We just do what we feel like. 

This picture is from our trip to Udaipur at the beautiful Hotel Rampratap Palace. It has been one of our best trips, and an amazing heritage hotel experience. Udaipur was a quaint little city, just perfect for a 2-day trip on our 2nd Anniversary.  


  1. Anonymous11:17 AM

    Such a prefect vacation shot. Lovely place and lovely memories. :)

  2. Perfect shots nd perfect words :)

  3. Bigger photo! Must have bigger photos in photo challenges! This is like reading 1000 words of "fine print"! I'm sure this looks really beautiful in full screen view... off-white, green and blue sky... and a pensive lady amidst all that...